Novus Capital Corporation is special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) focused on sustainability and social equity through technological innovation. Our strategy is to identify and complete our initial business combination with a company whose output complements our management team’s experience.


ESG investing analyzes stocks for environmental, social and corporate governance impact in addition to traditional metrics of profitability and scalability. This values-driven investment philosophy allows a shareholder to ensure their portfolio reflects their vision for the future. Five key trends shaping the ESG footprint are:

Climate Change

The Federal Reserve recently declared climate change a stability risk. As the world transitions to clean-energy economies, climate solutions will be increasingly attractive investments.

Water Management

Water pollution and shortages due to industrialization and agricultural uses have created a serious scarcity. Resource stewardship and innovation will be key to addressing this issue.


A robust number of life forms — plants, animals, fungi and microorganisms — are vital to the health of the ecosystem.

Human Rights

Due diligence with regard to trade union leaders, workers, indigenous communities and other groups can improve supply chain resilience while fulfilling moral obligations.

Governance Policies

Transparency regarding board diversity, business ethics, lobbying practices and executive pay are crucial to ensuring business operations run smoothly at each stage.


1. Assess

Assess leading global market opportunities for connectivity solutions

2. Evaluate

Evaluate the viability of emerging smart technology innovation business models

3. Foster

Foster relationships with sellers, capital providers and target management teams

4. Access

Access the equity and debt capital markets across various business cycles

5. Assist

Assist companies with the transition to public ownership